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Air Freight Is A Great Option For Your Business

Air freight shipping is a quick and efficient way to move your commercial cargo between locations situated almost anywhere in the world.

With over 30 years in the business and connections to the top worldwide air carriers, Freight Logistics is fully capable of transporting your freight safely and quickly to and from anywhere you’d like.

What Is Air Freight Cargo Shipping?

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Air freight shipping is similar to less than truckload shipping and ocean freight shipping, but there’s one major difference: Air freight cargo shipping is much, much faster.

Like LTL shipping, air cargo shipping can be used to transport oddly shaped items, like furniture or pallets of shoes. However, transporting the items by air means that they’ll reach their destination more quickly and offers the possibility of shipping to and from anywhere in the world.

Similar to ocean freight by cargo ship, air freight cargo shipping is a great option for international shipping. Ocean freight shipping, however, takes considerably longer than air freight shipping does.

For example, transporting commercial goods from China to the United States via ocean routes usually takes up to 30 days. Those same goods can travel between the two countries in just 3 days via air freight.

Looking to transport your cargo as quickly as possible?

Freight Logistics can handle all of the logistics of your air freight shipping for you, so you can compete with mega stores and large warehouses with less headache.

How Do I Know If Air Freight Cargo Shipping Is Right for Me?

Air freight cargo shipping is definitely the right choice if your cargo needs to make it to its destination as soon as possible.

For example, if you’re transporting perishable items or medical equipment, air freight is your best bet.

Air freight cargo shipping also poses less risk of your cargo getting damaged during transport than shipping via truck or ship does. Your freight won’t be traveling over bumpy roads or rough seas, so it’s more likely to reach its destination in mint condition. If you’re shipping high value goods, air freight cargo shipping is the right choice.

Why Should I Choose Freight Logistics for My Air Freight Cargo Shipping Needs?

As with any shipping method, it’s important to know that everyone involved in the air freight cargo shipping process is working tirelessly on your behalf, so that your items are transported quickly and safely.

Freight Logistics goes above and beyond to ensure that your shipments are transported by the best top-rated worldwide air carriers.

Beyond that, we’ve been nurturing relationships with international air carriers over the past 30 years.

Now, what does that mean for you?

It means we’re able to negotiate lower prices for you while still ensuring that your precious cargo is safe and secure throughout the course of its journey through the air.

We keep a careful eye on your freight’s progress and take advantage of every opportunity to speed up your delivery or help you save on shipping costs. For example, we can arrange for your freight to land in a nearby city and transport it via truck to its final destination to save you both time and money.

No Surprises

Cargo Shipping by AirWe know that shipping can be stressful—especially if you’ve been dealing with less-than-reliable freight service providers until now.

Here at Freight Logistics, we never want our clients to feel as if they’re out of the loop.

We handle the entire air freight cargo shipping process for you, so you never have to worry about making the wrong decision or managing the logistics of your shipments.

Just because we handle your air freight for you doesn’t mean that we don’t communicate with you though. We’re always happy to discuss your shipment with you, and we’ll update you right away if any issues outside of our control arise.

We know that air freight cargo shipping—along with the rest of the delivery chain—is absolutely essential to helping you compete against superstores and mega retailers while keeping your costs as low as possible. So, in addition to updating you on any issues, we take advantage of any and all opportunities to help you save money and time by switching to a cheaper and/or expedited delivery method.

Exceptional Customer Service

We strive to exceed every client’s expectations.

Just like your customers are depending on you to provide them with excellent products and service, you should be able to depend on your freight service provider.

Here at Freight Logistics, we work with you along every step of the air freight cargo shipping process. We keep you updated on your shipment’s whereabouts and constantly communicate with the air carriers that transport your freight to make sure that you’re getting the best possible service.

Start Shipping via Air Now

Freight Logistics Inc. can help you transport your cargo to and from anywhere in the world quickly and safely.

Contact us for the latest information on air freight cargo shipping rates.